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Turbine Roof Ventilator
Keeping the working environment clean, bright and airy ensures that the people working in the environment are able to do so without any hindrance; this results in better output. An organization that emphasizes healthy working conditions ensures more productivity. The Turbine Roof Ventilators are an effective and economical way to exhaust the air within the interior. These ventilators are powered by wind and thus save significantly on cost. These ventilators exhaust the bad air, odour and fumes of the interiors noiselessly and are maintenance free as they are made of non corrosion steel or aluminum. Karthik Roofings’ wind driven Turbine Roof Ventilators are installed keeping in mind engineering principles and optimum use to enhance ventilation.


Poly Carbonate / MultiWall Roof Sheets
Polycarbonate roof sheets are used widely to provide sky light to structures. These sheets are manufactured keeping in mind the opacity requirement. An easily adaptable material, Karthik Roofings offers complete customized solutions in a variety of uses and designs. The roof sheets are obtained by the process of extrusion and have exceptional flexural strength and light lucidity of up to 90%. The material is highly durable, high impact resistant, flame resistant, shatterproof and recyclable. Used in industrial sky lighting it is an ideal solution for day light transmission as it is lightweight, easy to install and yet has supreme strength. Karthik Roofings provides turn key solutions for sky lights from fabrication, erection to installing the specified designs. The polycarbonate roof sheets can be designed to match a variety of roofing materials used in industrial roofing such as metal trap corrugated sheets, plastic corrugated sheets and asbestos.  
Down Pipes, Bends & Gutters

Karthik Roofings’ array of products includes accessories like gutters, down pipes and bends.To drain the water and protect the walls gutters need downpipes.  Down pipes usually come in two shapes rectangular and round. The various components  ensure that they are precise and snap together for easy installation. Karthik Roofings offers both the basic shapes and ensures that they are fabricated to precision to avoid any drips. Since the same materials are used to fabricate the downpipes as the roof; the corrosion is minimized. We avoid the use of excessive sealants that can hinder the total drainage of water.

The modern roofing systems have helped improve the life span of gutters. The size of the gutters depends upon the rain received in the area, and Karthik Roofings customizes the gutters to the suit the client’s requirements. The length of the gutter can be increased to lessen the joints and thus avoid any drips or leaks. Our installation experts ensure that the water is drained completely out of the gutter. Clients can choose from a range of shapes that include half round, deep flow gutters, and more. Karthik Roofings delivers a design service to meet the style you require.

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